Internet and Computer Crimes By Family And Employees.

 The law follows technology changes but slowly, and although there have been statutes on the books for some time, enforcement and interpretation are only recently catching up.  Employees’ conduct and family members conduct may get themselves and others in trouble.  Intruding on another person’s email by improperly getting a password is almost certainly a violation of state and federal criminal law.  The Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act provides for lawsuits for damages against those that invade or damage other’s computer systems.  The federal statute that was originally passed to prosecute and allow money damages against “hackers” has been recently applied to support a lawsuit for damages against a disgruntled fired employee that erased company files from his company laptop.  Employees that access pornographic or racist websites at work may drag their employers into lawsuits for discrimination.  In a recent case, not taking action against an employee accessing child porn sites and making postings to such sites supported a lawsuit against the employer.


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