Personal Remedies For Crime Victims

 Far too many Americans have suffered being crime victims, both property and personal injury.  In recent decades, private action has far exceeded government action in response.  One remedy proven effective in awakening property owners and businesses to their need for action are damage suits by crime victims.  In addition to physical injuries, the psychological and emotional injury caused by a criminal attack can be profound.  Apartment tenants suffering burglary and assault and customers of stores have recovered substantial money damages and businesses have responded by taking more care in securing their premises.

     Placement of responsibility upon the party with control and means only makes sense.  Duties and the ability to protect customers arise from screening and supervising employees, controlling out-of-control patrons, providing secure premises, electronic monitoring, security personnel, and adequate lighting.  Property owners with potential duties to protect include apartment managers, hotels, retail stores, schools, parking lots, restaurants, and bars.

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